Kids need a shoe made specifically with them in mind. At Super Heroic, we've developed footwear that supports their growth, enhances their natural movements and helps them discover the world.

Jump higher, run faster and unleash their inner Hero in the TMBLR v1.

Remember that feeling of running so fast that it felt like your legs would fall off, spinning around until you couldn’t stand and climbing until you could see the whole world?

Play is good for the soul. Our mission at Super Heroic is to empower our children with the power of play, through our products. We’ve put all of our passion and dedication into designing footwear that keeps up with their movements, inspires them to discover new places and encourages them to hold onto that invincible feeling of play.



CEO + Co-Founder

A designer of iconic products and technology worn by athletes and superheroes around the world, Jason is armed with a superpower knowledge of advanced materials and processes that can unleash the potential of every child in the world through play.


CMO + Co-Founder

An award-winning marketer with a background in digital marketing and brand building, his superpower is inspiring others through the use of authentic, soulful storytelling and amplified creative campaigns.



A Chief Operations Officer with 38 years of experience in managing operations, manufacturing products and launching them throughout the world. Al’s superpower is getting Super Heroic products into the hands of the heroes who need them.