Q. What is the mission of Super Heroic?

Play is good for the soul. Our mission at Super Heroic is to empower children with our products. We want to inspire them, help them discover new places, unleash their creativity and, above all, we want them to hold onto that invincible feeling of play.

Who we are: www.superheroic.com/about

Q. What makes the TMBLR v1 good for my children’s feet?

The TMBLR v1 is the first-ever performance grade shoe that has been specifically designed around the needs of a child’s foot. Children use more areas of their feet than adults do, meaning the sole of the shoe has been designed to navigate multiple surfaces, with traction ridges that offer maximum grip. The dual density midsole aids multi-directional movement and an offset durable rubber outsole adds stability. A utility strap closes the shoe, providing security without restriction. The TMBLR v1 is designed to empower, working with movements instead of against them.

Q. What inspired the design of the TMBLR v1?

Everything from Japanese Anime to mountain goats. Super Heroic searched the world for the most innovative and imaginative ways to provide both performance and playfulness, combining resources found in both nature and human ingenuity.

Q: Where is the best place to use my new TMBLR v1?

“For playground use only” is Super Heroic’s mantra, but that depends on what you consider a playground to be. It’s our hope that children see everywhere as their playground.

Q: What is the purpose of the app?

The Super Heroic app has two major features. The first uses neural networks to show useful information about places to play, including which playground is closest, which has clean bathrooms and when the next big playdate will happen. The second feature is a measuring algorithm that can determine the current shoe size of a child, using nothing but the camera function on a digital device.

We will be launching the app soon.

Q: I was one of the first to pre-order. I am afraid that my child's size will change. What do I do in that case?

We completely understand, and accounted for this when we launched our pre-order. Two weeks before we ship, we will be sending you an email with the option to change sizes. We've got you covered. Don't worry. For further questions feel free to email us at hello@superheroic.com with your order number.

Q: What else can I do with my packaging besides store my TMBLR v1 and Utility Cape?

Like all of our products, the packaging shuttle is designed to inspire creativity and play. It could become a snack stash to store treats in at the playground, a telescope to find friends when missions take them too far away, or even a rocket ship. Check out the #SuperHeroic hashtag for other packaging ideas and inventions.

Q: What do I do with these stickers?

Decorate and customize anything that you think could use a little Super Heroic color injection. Bikes, skateboards, notebooks, or the foreheads of unsuspecting relatives.

Q: Can I find the TMBLR v1 in stores?

For original TMBLR v1s you gotta go straight to the source. Until superheroes start to publicly disclose their purchasing locations, you can find them exclusively in our online store.

Q: How do I clean the TMBLR v1?

1. Remove excess dirt first using a soft-bristled brush (shoe brush or an old toothbrush) to clean the outsole.

2. Mix warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent to create a slightly soapy mixture.

3. Apply a small amount of the water/detergent mixture to a sponge, soft cloth or soft brush and clean affected areas.

4. Apply a small amount of warm water to another sponge or soft cloth to remove any excess detergent.

5. Air dry the shoes at room temperature.

6. Repeat these steps to remove persistent stains.

Note: Super Heroic doesn't recommend alternative cleaning methods, not even superpowers that involve lasers or invisibility. We don’t recommend placing your shoes in a washing machine or dryer either, and avoid using bleach or other chemicals.

Q: How do I clean the TMBLR v1 insole?

1. Follow the same cleaning steps listed above.

2. Air dry completely before putting the TMBLR v1 back on.

Note: Putting on damp footwear increases odor. We discovered that the hard way. If these steps don't reduce shoe odor, repeat steps 1 through 5 in the ‘clean’ section above.

Q: How do I clean the Utility Cape?

1. Refer to care label instructions located inside of the bag, those guys are the cape material experts.

2. Enjoy the way the sun reflects off your clean Utility Cape.

Q: What if my Utility Cape gets damaged during Play?

1. Don’t panic, capes are renowned for getting into mischief, they get caught in trees, trapped in doors and they loiter in “no loitering” zones, it’s all part of what makes them so amazing.

2. If the cape is still wearable, it is highly recommended that you do so. If not, then it might be time to contact us for a replacement via the returns page or continue future missions without it. It’s what the cape would have wanted.

Q: How do I return or exchange my product?

1. Put a temporary hold on all current Super Heroic missions

2. Place item in the Plastic Bag provided

3. Ship back to Super Heroic HQ in the Shipping Box the product arrived in.

4. Expect a confirmation upon receipt of items

5. Await an evaluation of the damage or issue within 72 hours

Note: All returns must be authorized by Super Heroic.

Q: How do I get a refund?

1. Return item back to Super Heroic HQ using the steps listed above.

2. An evaluation will take place to decide on the value of the refund.

3. The refund will then be sent out to you within 72 hours of receiving the item.

4. Refund achieved.

Q: Is there a warranty for my product?

Yes, Super Heroic provides a limited 30-day warranty based on normal wearing of the shoes. Please see terms and conditions for full warranty details. To initiate a warranty claim please email us your order number and details to hello@superheroic.com

Q: Why is fit and sizing so important?

A good fit leads to better short-term comfort and long-term performance. If it fits well, you play well. Great products enhance your ability to move frictionlessly while providing comfort, support and ease of use. We strive to create the best gear for the world’s most demanding audience, Super Heroes. We care about how you feel and how you look while conquering the playground.

Q: What range of sizes does the TMBLR v1 come in?

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, nobody should have to miss out. Especially not heroes going through a growth spurt, remember - they can reach the highest shelves at the comic store. Our sizes range from 12C - 7Y.

Q: How often should I measure my child's foot?

It’s recommended to check your child’s shoe size every 90 days. One day science will prove that all food travels straight to children’s feet, so we’ve made it really easy to keep on top of their shoe size by integrating a foot measuring tool into our app.

Q: How does the App help with sizing?

By taking a photo of your child’s foot at different angles, the app uses neural networks and a specific measuring algorithm to deliver an up-to-date record of current shoe size. This is technology at its finest.

Q: What areas do you ship to?

Super Heroic ships to all areas of the U.S. with the option for priority shipping with every order. Not all heroes wear capes, but we do.

Q: Do you have expedited shipping options?

Not yet, but our response team is looking into this. We will let you know when expedited shipping is an option.

Q: Can I ship to an international address?

Not quite yet, but sign up for the Super Heroic newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when we start to ship internationally.

Q: Are you hiring?

Dedication, skill, passion and hard work are hugely important factors to Super Heroic. Could you bring some more to the team? Visit our job listings page to see recent job openings - www.superheroic.com/blogs/jobs